Can I Get Invisalign After a Dental Implant?

One of the great advantages of modern dentistry is that you have plenty of options to treat and improve your smile. If you want a more discreet way of straightening your teeth, then you could opt for McFarland Invisalign treatment. The clear aligners will help move your teeth into their optimal position without making you feel self-aware about a bunch of metallic wires in your mouth. If you have missing teeth and want to correct this issue, then you could get a dental implant.

But what if you need both? What if you have dental implants and now want to use Invisalign to straighten your teeth? Is that possible?

Invisalign After Dental Implants: Is It Possible?

While it's not a general rule, and the answer might differ from case to case, more often than not, you can get Invisalign after a dental implant in McFarland.

Of course, ideally, you would get Invisalign first and the implant after. That's because, unlike your regular teeth, an implant can't be shifted with orthodontic treatment. The metal screw of the implant ("the root") is inserted into your jaw bone and fused with the surrounding tissues. That makes implants very effective and permanent tooth replacement options. However, at the same time, this particular fact about implants is what makes them impossible to shift during orthodontic treatment.

If, however, you had the implant before Invisalign, it's still possible to move your teeth into their desired position with the help of clear aligners. The dentist will consider your implant and plan the Invisalign treatment around it.

While the implant itself cannot move, the teeth around it can. So, the dentist will just focus on the surrounding teeth and move those until you get the desired outcome.

There are some limitations to this option. If you have one or a couple of implants, then the dentist can successfully work around them to straighten your smile. But, if you have multiple implants or not that many natural teeth, then Invisalign may not be the best course of action for you.

Both Missing and Misaligned Teeth Need to Be Corrected

It's not just a matter of aesthetics. Missing teeth can cause bone loss and cause your teeth to shift. They can also impact your facial features and lead to sagging skin.

Misaligned teeth lead to biting issues and affect your jaw bone. And because the teeth are crowded, it can be more difficult to clean them properly, which can lead to cavities and gum disease.

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