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At Lakeview Modern Dentistry, we're committed to helping our patients achieve their ideal smiles. This dedication has led to us being honored with the status of a Gold Invisalign Provider. This means that we've helped hundreds of patients achieve gorgeous, lasting results with Invisalign. We have the experience to treat a full range of alignment issues with Invisalign and the expertise to achieve a beautiful smile with the fewest trays possible. Visit us today for a free Invisalign consultation, and experience the exceptional care of a Gold Provider.

Benefits of Invisalign Clear Aligners

Invisalign is one of the latest advancements in orthodontics and allows patients to straighten their teeth without the highly visible treatment of traditional braces. Instead of the wire-and-bracket system, Invisalign uses a series of clear plastic aligners that shift teeth into proper position over time. The aligners are virtually invisible and more comfortable than traditional braces, too!

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Removable Aligners

Invisalign can be removed to allow you to eat and drink whatever you want during your treatment.

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Virtually Invisible Treatment

Remain confident throughout your discrete orthodontic treatment. Nobody needs to know about your clear aligners!

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Less Time in the Chair

Since you won’t need to come in for regular adjustments, you’ll spend less time at the dentist’s office with Invisalign.

Trade Your Dental Stress For A Smile

There’s no time like the present to get your teeth and gums in tip-top shape. Catching dental issues early not only saves you time and money, but also prevents you from developing pain due to neglected dental disease. Don’t wait till it’s too late. Get in touch with us today and experience the Lakeview Modern Dentistry difference.

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Invisalign Frequently Asked Questions

Check out these frequently asked questions, or call us at (608) 716-8622 to speak with our team.

How Do I Get The Most Out Of Invisalign Treatment?

If you decide to straighten your smile with Invisalign treatment, you can expect a virtually invisible orthodontic experience. However, this unique benefit comes with responsibility. Since Invisalign aligners are removable, you must be sure to keep them in for at least 22 hours per day and only take them out to eat, brush, and floss. It’s also important that you clean them thoroughly every morning and night to ensure that your mouth stays healthy and that your aligners stay clear. As long as you follow the instructions for wearing and cleaning your aligners, your treatment will run smoothly and your results will be beautiful.

Am I a Good Candidate for invisalign?

If you have minor to moderate orthodontic issues, Invisalign may be right for you. Invisalign can correct most crooked or gapped teeth, but patients with more severe orthodontic needs may be better suited for traditional braces. Come in today to schedule your consultation, and one of our team members will assess your smile to help you determine which option is best for you.

How much does invisalign cost?

The cost of your Invisalign depends on your unique case, how many aligners are necessary to shift the position of your teeth, and which teeth need to be straightened. During your consultation, we will develop your individualized treatment plan and give you an estimate. We can customize a quote by looking at your insurance benefits and also offer in-house financing options to bring the cost of care within your budget.

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